Daima Initiatives for peace and development

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Our Framework

key strategic areas

Action Research and Documentation

Through collaborative and action research the programs aim at developing and testing new approaches to community driven process and practices that demonstrate sustainable impact on the environment, social capital and resilience.

Women and Youth Leadership Development

The project empowers women and youth with skills on leadership and non violence so that they can be agents of change in their communities. This project engages women and youth in cooperative learning and problem solving experiences designed to empower them to inquire what needs and conditions are necessary for a sense of peace and security individually and socially.

Capacity Building Programs

The program provides capacity building programs for individuals and organization who hope to participate in governance, advocacy and peacebiulding initiatives. This program also focuses on raising citizen’s awareness on the devolved system of governance, coaching, designing and developing local initiatives for communities to customize and implement.

Culture Peace Resource Centre

The programs apply appreciative inquiry (AI) approaches to investigate and validate cultural and community initiatives to peace building, development and social change, with the aim of documenting and disseminating the findings to inform policy, practice and education.